Top 5 Most Essential Software for Artists and Designers

Top 5 Most Essential Software for Artists and Designers

In today’s competitive digital world where every artist has to fight to be the best, it is vital to have every possible advantage and always seek more experience in new software and techniques. A common question for artists and designers wanting to move their skills into the technology industries is ‘What animation software should I use?’ Software are just tools, so you have many options. Always remember that good skills will help you succeed no matter what software you use. In this article we list the top 5 essential software for artists and designers from personal experience.

1. Photoshop CS6


Whilst this is not the latest edition of Photoshop, the need to upgrade is not yet, though may be soon. Adobe Photoshop was launched in the 1980s and over the past 25 years has improved so much that it can provide every possible solution to every possible problem. Photoshop is essential software for artists and designers as it is likely that any other software programme you use will use Photoshop to function at their full potential.

2. 3ds Max




Autodesk’s 3ds Max can do almost everything you need in animation software. It is unusual for software to be the driving force in hardware improvements, but this is what Autodesk does, time and again over the last two decades. What was once thought of as impossible, is possible. The gift of this programme is that you know that you have essential software for artists and designers that will be in use for a very long time.

3. Mari 2.0v2


Mari is the 3D texture painting software that has been used in Avatar and countless other films. It is considered the best texturing programme available. Mari is user friendly, allowing artists and designers to spend more time painting and less time struggling with technical issues. With the art industry aware that every detail counts and no mistake on screen will go unnoticed, many of the industry’s top studios are not just relying on the pre-packaged texturing solutions with animation software.

4. Unity Pro 4


The game industry has overtaken the film industry in profits achieved, thanks to the use of phones and tablets that have shaped new market. iOS and Android games, from the simplest to the most complex animation game, has had every issue on the market tackled by Unity, at great speed to meet demand. Unity dominates the market, making it absolutely essential software for every artist and designer in the game industry. You will likely be required to use Unity Pro 4 to play-test the most recent build of your project.

5. Premiere Pro CC


Premire Pro is the essential software for a digital video editor. Add in the partner programme Adobe After Effects CC, and you have the perfect pair of digital video editing software for artists and designers the industry has ever known. Whilst Premier Pro CC may be expensive, it holds its value in terms of productivity.