About Us

About Us


We are a creative team of artists and graphic designers with many years experience between us. Our team include artists in the fields of photography, graphic design, video production, motion design, web design, animation, illustration and TV content. Together we collaborate on projects for our clients.

With the rise in the number of amateur artists and designers who have published work online, on YouTube uploads etc., we have worked hard to maintain our professional standing to provide a reputable service that meets our clients needs on time and on budget.

In our solo specialist fields we are all continuing to hone our skills and learn new ones. We have each learned many lessons along the way, particularly when we have collaborated with each other. It hasn’t always been easy. The technology we started with twenty-five years ago has been surpassed multiple times and between us we have studied most of the impressive software that has become available over the years. However, we have come to understand that however impressive the software, nothing can replace the skills of the individual artists.

All of us are aware of the essential programs that we need to train in to become the best in our industry. We each have our own specialities working on independent projects as well as collaboratively.

It’s a difficult job to earn a living as an artist or designer and many fail for lack of research and planning. Our aim is to share with you our experiences, learned over time. There are top tips for new artists, suggestions for essential software for designers, a guide to starting a production company and more. We hope we can save you from making some of the same mistakes that we made. Our aim is to help you be the best you can be.